About Us

Our company was formed in 2003, providing consulting and manufacturing assistance to other companies. In January 2005, we transformed our business into a machine shop offering Wire Electrical Discharge Machining with just one older used machine and by the end of our 1st year, we had moved to a larger space and purchased two new Wire EDM machines. Over the years we have continued to expand our business with the addition of other processes including vertical machining, turning and surface grinding to name a few.

As a Small Minority Owned business, we are committed to provide excellent customer service, quality workmanship and fair pricing. Through a hands on management approach and dedicated trained staff, we pay attention to the details in all aspects of the process, making sure that we know the clients expectations, examining the project for a full understanding of the scope of work required, doing our homework to derive at a realistic cost and time frame in order to provide a fair price and lead time. Once an order is received, we verify the order details, plan out and perform the steps needed to complete the work, always keeping quality in mind.

Our shop and equipment is maintained regularly, inspection equipment is calibrated and certified each year at a minimum, we use standard operating procedures, master schedules, job travelers, purchase orders and our quality manual to assist in maintaining high quality standards and on the very rare occasion that a customer is not completely satisfied, we will work to make it right. We don’t look at our customers as just a source of income, instead we strive to build long lasting working relationships.